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Failed to read the Office Communicator Server version information

December 8, 2009

While trying to deploy an Edge Access Server for my OCS 2007 R2 deployment today I received the error message in the subject of this post.  Having installed the required files for the Edge Server, I then proceeded to Activate the server from the deployment wizard.  After selecting a service account I completed the wizard only to be presented with the following message.

when I then looked the log that has been generate I saw following error message

I couldn’t understand why I was getting this message as I knew that the time and date were set correctly on the server.  So a quick google search led me to a post where someone was having the same error.  Thankfully a response had also been posted which implied that security update KB974571 was to blame.  I checked the updates installed on the edge server and sure enough this update was in the list.  Following a link contained in the post led to a downloadable fix which i’m glad to say worked.



How to set Custom Status in Microsoft Offfice Communicator

December 7, 2009

Save the following code as Presence.xml under C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office Communictaor

<?xml version=”1.0″?>






       <customState availability=”online”>

              <activity LCID=”1033″>Today at Home</activity>


       <customState availability=”busy”>

              <activity LCID=”1033″>Urgent Meeting</activity>


       <customState availability=”busy”>

              <activity LCID=”1033″>In a Conference</activity>


       <customState availability=”do-not-disturb”>

              <activity LCID=”1033″>Getting relaxed</activity>




Create a new Key called Communicator.  In that key, create a new String called CustomStateURL and give it the value file://C:\\Program Files\\Microsoft Office Communicator\\Presence.xml.  Then create a new DWORD called EnableSIPHighSecurityMode and give it the value 0

Office Communications Server Front-End Fails to Start After Windows Update

October 15, 2009

After applying Windows Updates to My OCS 2007 R2 front-end server today I noticed that my communicator had failed to sign to me back in.  So I logged onto the front end server and to make sure all the services had restarted.  Looking at the services I noticed that the Office Communications Server Front-End had failed to start, so obviously I tried to restart it however again it failed to start.  A quick look in the event log showed the following error

“OCS Front-End service stopped with service specific error 3286842403 (0xC3E93C23)”


Did a search on google and came across another blog posting on the same topic which claimed that one of the Windows Updates that had just came down was the culprit (KB974571).   So I uninstalled the update and the gave the server a reboot and hey presto the service restarts and I can login to communicator!!!

Good old Microsoft hey…. Nothing like releasing a bug in a Windows update that breaks a critical product!!!